Our mentors are extremely knowledgeable. Many are teachers and almost all have raised their own children and/or mentored others in the past. These mentors are matched with a student in their 3rd grade year and act as a support network until graduation in high school.

Sarah Arnold

Lynne Burgess, Summer Camp Coordinator

Susan Conner

Fran D’Agostino, Team Leader, Middle School

Jackie Dixon

Jean Gray

Margaret Gray, Co-Team Leader, Lower High School

Diane Green

Richard Hahndorf, Jr.

Deb Hirsch

Kathleen Heslin

Dee Hoo

Susan Horstmann

Kathy Joyce

Isabel Katz

Karen M. Kelly

Kathy King

Alice Knapp

Peter Lasalandra

Peter Lilienthal

Jami Lo, Co-Team Leader, Upper High School

Paola Mallozzi

Bette Mocarski

Tammi Montier

Meg Moor

Mary Smith, Team Leader, Elementary School

Betsy Nagurney

Midge Pappas

Arisleyda Riehl

Ralf Riehl

Timothy Rogers

Caroline Romans

Liz Rosano

Fred Rosetti

Sarah Santasiero

Marilyn Schlosser

Nancy Schulkind

Daina Schuman

Diana Shattuck

Mara Siladi

Mary Smith

Maria Sosa

Susan Tolliver

Tracy Vodola

Alma Weinberg

Cliff Wells

Lori Wentworth

Ken Wentworth

Walter Young

Donna Wolff, PhD Executive Director


Our Volunteers

Donna Hughes
Administration, After School Activities

Marc Schneider
Music Program Educator

Gail G. Trell
Music Program Coordinator

Bernie Weiss

The mission of Starfish Connection is to address Stamford’s opportunity gap by providing long-term mentoring, after-school and summer enrichment programs, and educational support to promising students from the city’s underserved families. We pair a mentor with a student, one-on-one to provide these resources.

The Starfish Connection is a 501c3 corporation. We rely on generous contributions like yours to fulfill our mission. Your donation will be used to support after school and summer enrichment activities for these academically talented Stamford youth. If you would like to make a tax-deductible
donation to the Starfish Connection, please do so on our donation page!

Our Founder and Inspiration

The Starfish Connection website is dedicated to the memory of our cofounder, Judith Martin. Judy and her husband David had a dream of enriching and changing the lives of promising Stamford young people.