Ideally, a mentor coaches and advises a student until he or she graduates from high school. The mentor meets with the student periodically, helps advocate for the student at school along with the parents, locates and enrolls him/her in enrichment activities which are paid for by the Starfish Connection, takes him/her to local background-enriching activities from time to time, ensures that the student avails him/herself of tutoring support, and works through the college preparatory and application process with the student.

If you are interested in making this life-changing commitment, please email Regan Allan, Starfish Connection Executive Director [email protected]

Starfish Mentors

Jack Alexander
Sarah Arnold
Sharon Beadle
Rebecca Bleiman
Jim Bradley
Lynne Burgess- Camp Coordinator
Missy Cole
Susan Conner
Nicky DeRosa
Jackie Dixon
Linda Feld
Jean Gray
Margi Gray- H.S. Team Leader
Diane Green
Evan Guttman

Kathleen Heslin
Deb Hirsch
Dee Hoo
Susan Horstmann
Kathy Joyce
Kathy King- E.S. Team Leader
Alice Knapp
Peter Lasalandra
Jami Lo- H.S. Team Leader
Mike Magarian
Danette Melchionne
Tammi Montier
Theresa Moriarty
Lisa Musilli
Betsy Nagurney
Tim Rogers- M.S. Team Leader

Caroline Romans
Liz Rosano
Fred Rosetti
Sarah Santasiero
Marilyn Schlosser- M.S. Team Leader
Nancy Schulkind
Dianna Shattuck
Mary Smith
Caroline Spooner- Camp Coordinator
Susan Toliver
Cliff Wells
Lori and Ken Wentworth
Donna Wolff
Walter Young

The mission of Starfish Connection is to address Stamford’s opportunity gap by providing long-term mentoring, after-school and summer enrichment programs, and educational support to promising students from the city’s underserved families. We pair a mentor with a student, one-on-one to provide these resources.

The Starfish Connection is a 501c3 corporation. We rely on generous contributions like yours to fulfill our mission. Your donation will be used to support after school and summer enrichment activities for these academically talented Stamford youth. If you would like to make a tax-deductible
donation to the Starfish Connection, please do so on our donation page!

Our Founder and Inspiration

The Starfish Connection website is dedicated to the memory of our cofounder, Judith Martin. Judy and her husband David had a dream of enriching and changing the lives of promising Stamford young people.